Q: Where did your meditation methods originate from?

A: Bodhi Meditation methods are the result and embodiment of our founder, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s decades of self-cultivation.  To learn more about Grandmaster JinBodhi: https://www.puti.org/en/grandmaster-jinbodhi/ 

Q: What makes Bodhi Meditation methods unique and different from other meditation methods?

A: What makes Bodhi Meditation special: 

  1.  Easy-to-Learn – everyone with a willing heart can master the meditation methods within a short period of time.
  2. Proven Results – consistent practice leads to tangible health benefits – physically, emotionally and mentally.
  3. Inner Transformation – Bodhi Meditation practitioners focus on virtues, compassion, and illumination of body and mind.  Meditation practice is a lifelong journey of self-cultivation.

Q: Do you teach beginners how to meditate?

A: Yes, we do.  We offer different meditation classes throughout the year.  These classes include: 7-Day Energy Bagua Foundation Class and the 8.5 Day Health and Happiness Retreats.  These classes are recommended for those who are committed to reaping the full benefits that meditation can bring to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Q: What fees are associated with your classes and programs? 

A: Through the generosity of donors who have benefited from Bodhi Meditation practices, all of our Meditation / Energy Healing programs and Meditation classes are currently offered FREE of charge.  It is our intent that by removing the financial barrier, many more who can benefit from Bodhi Meditation practices will be able to learn and reap the benefits of Bodhi Meditation practice. We are a registered charity.  We graciously accept donations and issue tax-deductible donation receipts. 

Q: I am not ready to sign up for a class, may I join your group practices?

A: Yes, you may.  We recommend that you join our in-person Meditation Thursdays Group Practice on Thursdays, 7-9 pm.  In this group practice, you will have the opportunity to experience different Bodhi Meditation practices.  Each practice is guided and led.  Senior practitioners will be on hand to answer questions.  For in-depth teaching of the meditation methods, we recommend that you sign-up for a class.

To register for Meditation Thursdays, click: https://forms.gle/i2NRyVECWrREZAhUA.

Q: I have never practiced meditation before, are your group practices suitable for beginners?

A: Yes.  We welcome beginners in our Meditation Thursdays Group Practice, every Thursday, 7-9 pm.  

Q: I want to learn meditation, but I can’t calm my mind.  Is it possible for me to meditate?

A: Yes, Bodhi Meditation methods are very helpful to help calm the mind. Bodhi Meditation practices use visualization to direct the mind to use one thought to replace all distracting thoughts, making it easier for those with no meditation experience to readily enter a calm state. 

Q: I can’t stand or sit for a long period of time due to frequent back and leg pain.  Can I still learn meditation?

A: Definitely!  Not only can you learn meditation, Bodhi Meditation practices will also help to ease your pain and alleviate your health problems.  In our classes and Meditation Thursdays group practice, participants are not required to maintain a certain position for an extended period.  Participants are encouraged to rest and sit when they need to. 

Q: Do we have to bring our own meditation mats? 

A:  No, you do not need to.  Meditation mats are available for use.  The mats are sanitized after every session.  

Q: Can I sit on a chair?

A: Absolutely.  For both our Meditation Thursdays and Energy Healing programs, participants have the option of sitting on a meditation mat or a chair, whichever is most comfortable for them. Participants also have the option of trying the mat and then switching to a chair when it becomes uncomfortable.  Being relaxed and comfortable is key to reaping the most benefits from our programs.

Q: What do we need to bring when joining Meditation Thursdays?

A:  Please bring a pair of clean, indoor shoes that you can change into when entering our meditation hall. 

Q: What do I wear for Meditation classes and group practice?

A: Wearing loose-fitting clothes will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.  In the fall and winter months, please wear layers and put on indoor shoes to keep warm.  We also recommend wearing a face mask for added protection.

Q: Can I purchase Meditation outfits? 

A: Yes, we offer many different meditation outfits designed by Grandmaster JinBodhi for the purpose of enhancing your meditation experience.  The fabric and design of each outfit is meticulously planned for comfort and ease during meditation. For more information, please visit our Gift Shop at our 180 Yorkland Blvd location.

Q: Are your meditations religious in nature?

A: Bodhi Meditation practices are not religious and are non-denominational in nature.  In fact, Bodhi Meditation welcomes people of all backgrounds.  

The meditative state goes beyond philosophies, natural sciences and religions.  To be in a meditative state is to be in a state of compassion and purity. 

Q: Do you offer parking on-site?

A: Yes, we have ample free parking on-site for those participating in our programs.

Q: I live far from the Meditation Centre in Toronto, do you offer online programs?

A: If you are committed to learning meditation to reap its full potential, we recommend that you make arrangements to join one of our classes or meditation retreats to lay a strong meditation foundation to support your continued practice on your own. 

If you are unable to attend a class at the moment, please follow Grandmaster JinBodhi’s YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/GrandmasterJinBodhi) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/jinbodhienglish/).

Q: Can you share more about your Energy Healing program?  

A: Energy Healing is one of Bodhi Meditation’s signature programs lovingly offered to the community every week, free of charge. This unique energy healing technique – taught by our founder, Grandmaster JinBodhi – accesses Universal Energy to help clear blockages and boost energy levels without physical touching.

Many have experienced remarkable results – pain relief, improved sleep, calm and relaxation – in a very short period of time. 

By registering to join the program, we invite you to advise us of your healing needs.  Every week, based on the requests received, we select two focus areas for healing.   

Energy Healing is performed at the group level by a team of Energy Healers working in unison.

To register: https://bit.ly/3T8aSLI.