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8-Day Health and Happiness Retreat

Receive comprehensive guidance in learning Bodhi Meditation’s simple and effective meditation practices. These techniques have helped students around the world experience relaxation, restore energy, recover physical health, and improve mental wellness.

Meditation offers the opportunity to renew our perspective and elevate our mental state; consistent practice fosters compassionate wisdom and spiritual growth.

Health and Happiness Retreat at Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre

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Upcoming Classes and Events

Class /Event Name

Date and Time

Stress-Relief Retreat

May 25 – 31, 2024    9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Bodhi Meditation Information Session

Jun. 8, 2024             10:30 am – 1:00 pm

Stress-Relief Retreat

Jun. 17 – 23, 2024     7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Stress-Relief Retreat

Jul. 14 – 20, 2024      7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

8-Day Health & Happiness Retreat

Aug. 3 – 10, 2024      9:30 am – 6:30 pm

8-Day Health and Happiness Retreat

Course Goals:

  • Learn the Meditation of Greater Illumination and Meditation of Purity
  • Improve physical and mental health and wellness through meditation
  • Elevate your life state and perspective
  • Learn compassion, wisdom, gratitude, and happiness
  • Bring the spirit and principles of Zen practice into daily life

Core Teachings:

  • How to Practice the Meditation of Greater Illumination
  • Letting Go
  • Learning Meditation Q&A
  • Reaping Both Health and Wisdom

Beginner   ·   8.5 days   ·   9:30am-6:30pm   ·   Free

Stress Relief Retreat

Are you burnt out? Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed by the challenges of life?

Take a break. Treat yourself to the gift of inner peace. Embark upon a journey of relaxation for body and mind.

No prior meditation experience required. This Beginner’s Retreat is designed for busy people with limited time – requiring about 2.5 hours daily over the course of a week.

Participants will learn and practice Bodhi Meditation methods to replenish energy, relax the body and calm the mind.

Health and Happiness Retreat at Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre

Core Teachings:

  • How to Practice the Meditation of Greater Illumination
  • Meditation of Purity
  • Relax the body and calm the mind

​Beginner   ·   7 days   ·   2.5 h/day   ·   Free

Upcoming Events and Service

 1:1 Energy Healing

Personal Energy Healing tailored for your unique healing needs!

Each 1:1 session is conducted by a certified Energy Healer.  After you submit the online Sign-up Form, you will be contacted by phone and a date and time will be confirmed once your request has been accepted.

Your 20-minute appointment will be scheduled on one of these time slots:
Wednesdays, between 10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Saturdays, between 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Sundays, between 10:30 am – 4:00 pm.

Bodhi Meditation Information Session

Would you like to experience the benefits of meditation?

Learn to relax, calm your mind, boost energy and improve mental health!  Learn which meditation method and practice is most suitable for you, how you can benefit from a daily meditation practice, and how you can cultivate a sense of inner peace throughout your daily life.

Sample Bodhi Meditation methods firsthand. Meet and hear from many of those whose lives have turned around because of Bodhi Meditation.

Health and Happiness Retreat at Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre

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What attire should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable and ready to embrace your meditation journey.

So, for both the Health and Happiness Retreat and Energy Bagua Elementary Class, we suggest wearing a cozy cotton T-shirt, comfortable long sports pants, and don’t forget your socks and indoor shoes.


What are the items I have to bring?

We’re all about making you comfy and prepared!

You’re welcome to bring your water bottle (with a lid), and a pen and notebook to jot down any notes or insights during your meditation journey.

We’ve got everything else covered to make sure you have a fantastic experience! 😊🧘‍♀️📝

Are meals provided?

Great question! For our Health and Happiness Retreat, we’ve got you covered with a hearty vegetarian lunch to keep you fueled throughout the day.

As for Energy Bagua Elementary Class, lunch will be provided for morning class.

We’re here to ensure you have a wonderful experience. 😊🍽️

I have not attended any meditation class before. Can you recommend a suitable meditation class for me?

Absolutely! We’re excited to help you begin your meditation journey.

To provide you with the best recommendation, we’d love to learn more about your preferences and needs. Why not drop by our Meditation Centre for a friendly chat? We can’t wait to meet you in person and help you find your ideal class!

Testimonials From Our Students

My back used to be so hunched, my face was almost facing the floor. On the last day of the 8.5- Day Health and Happiness Retreat, my back became straight! Finally, I could walk with energy and confidence. I grew 3 inches during the retreat!



Debbie Mparoutoglou

Fifteen years ago when I was 25, my menstrual cycle came to a complete stop. Doctors told me it would never come back. I was devastated. On the last night of the Health and Happiness Retreat, I was stunned but very happy when my menstrual cycle suddenly restarted. It’s incredible!                      

Anne Ananda

For over 20 years, I had a lot of painful emotions stored inside me. During the Health and Happiness Retreat, I experienced emotional release while practising the “Meditation of Greater Illumination”. Now my chest feels much lighter and my shoulders are more relaxed! My sleep is also much better!                            

Jo-Anne Leathen

For 20 years, I suffered from chronic pain in my right shoulder.  During the last 2 months, the pain became more intense and strong pain killers didn’t even help.  Amazingly, after  the Health and Happiness Retreat, the pain disappeared completely. I’m so happy!


Farzaneh Masoudpei

I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes because I’d lose my breath. During the 7-Day Energy Bagua class,  I could walk non-stop for 1.5 hours!My feet don’t get swollen anymore!




Ricardo Tan

I used to be very angry, impatient and stressed. After taking the Energy Bagua Class, I’m more calm and my relationship with my husband and child has improved greatly. I am very happy! My husband sees the difference and encourages me to walk Energy Bagua everyday!                                    

Bahareh Barahmand

I suffered from a herniated disc when I was 32. I was resigned to living with this chronic pain which could last a lifetime. After taking 2 Energy Bagua classes, the pain is gone and I can bend forward to touch my toes. I have so much energy from the classes, now at 76, I feel like 30!               

Christos Iliadis

Walking Energy Bagua diligently every day for one month helped me pass out my 6mm kidney stone without experiencing the typical pain. Even my doctor was surprised!




David Lai Thom

For 20 years, I could only sleep 2 or 3 hours a night. I was also not able to take deep breaths. On the third night of the Energy Bagua Class, I felt a space opening up within my body. Suddenly, I could breathe deeply and I slept for 7 hours straight.  Since then, I’ve been able to sleep very well. It’s a miracle!

Yvonne Mead

About Bodhi Meditation

Bodhi Meditation offers the public easy-to-learn and effective meditation methods which are the culmination of our founder Grandmaster JinBodhi’s intensive meditative training and experience. Bodhi Meditation’s unique meditation methods are practical, effective, adapted to the modern fast-paced lifestyle, and suitable for all, irrespective of gender, age, culture, religion, profession, race, language, background, or location.





Meet Grandmaster JinBodhi

Combining his knowledge of traditional meditation and decades of meditation practice, Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches effective and easy-to-learn meditation techniques that help everyone quickly recover energy and health.

 People today suffer from all sorts of ailments due to stress. Bodhi Meditation centers around the world offer various meditation retreats and classes tailored to match the health and wellness needs of modern life.

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