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Bell's Palsy, Chronic Back Problem, Overweight

Since coming to Bodhi Meditation for the past 1.5 years, my appetite became smaller now but I still feel full of energy. My chronic back problem required surgery to fix when I first came and I was told I could not carry more than 10 lbs. of weight. Through Bodhi Meditation, my back straightened out without surgery and I could lift 50 lbs. now. In October 2018 I found out I had Bell's Palsy; my neurologist told me that I needed to take prescription medicine and recovery would take at least 60 days. Through Energy Healing and Energy Bagua, I recovered within 15 days and did not take prescription medication.



Before I attended the 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat in October 2018, I smoked and drank every day. My heart was full of anger and I constantly argued with my partner.


After attending the 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat, my hubby and I are no longer quarreling and I unknowingly quit smoking and drinking. I want to shout it to the entire world that Bodhi Meditation can help you overcome your addictions, and I am living proof!


Severe Asthma

David suffered Asthma for more than 10 years.

5 days into his first Health and Happiness Retreat, he stopped coughing.

10 days into the same retreat, he can breathe freely with no hindrance whatsoever.

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Parkinson's Disease

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 10 years ago. After I attended the 8.5-day Health & Happiness Retreat, from getting 3 hours sleep at night, I now enjoy a good solid 6 hours sleep every night... From waking up 3-4 times every night to go to the bathroom, my bladder control improved...reducing the number of times I had to wake up to no more than 2 times per night. For 6 months prior, I had to use a cane to help with my balance; I can now walk the Energy Bagua for one hour with no cane support. The slurring of my speech has diminished significantly after the Retreat.


Lack of Energy

Since coming to Bodhi Meditation, I can relax and recharge my energy so I can be a better mother, a better teacher, a better person.


Thyroid Disorder, Lack of Energy, Grief

Sima suffered from poor health as a child. When she was diagnosed with thyroid disorders, she felt utterly collapsed and drained. Another big blow greeted her when her mother passed away.

Within a month of Bodhi Meditation practice, she felt more energetic. Not only has she improved her physical condition, but her spiritual self has also blossomed.

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