Lynda Sua, Toronto

I first stepped into Bodhi Meditation Toronto in 2013, thanks to a friend’s recommendation.  Back then, due to a number of personal issues, I felt overwhelmed and out of control.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when a dear friend took her own life just 3 months before her wedding.  I later learned that the cause was depression.  Shocked to my core, I too succumbed to this silent yet dreadful illness.

Fearful that I would end up like my dear friend, I sought my doctor’s help.  Not surprisingly, he prescribed antidepressants for me.  I immediately noticed unwelcome side effects from this medication.  When my doctor started to increase the prescription, I decided to find other ways to combat this mental disorder.

I count my blessings to have been introduced to Bodhi Meditation.  For the next six months, I took all the meditation retreats offered during that period.  I practiced diligently.  

That same year, Grandmaster JinBodhi visited Toronto and I had the great opportunity to attend one of the Energy Healing sessions led by the Master. I remember that session distinctly.  I felt a big weight had been lifted and drawn out of my body.  

When I went to my scheduled appointment with my doctor the following day, even he could tell the difference in me!  After a brief examination, he said I no longer need antidepressants.  He then asked me what I had been doing because whatever it was, it was working – and I should keep doing it!  I told him it was Bodhi Meditation.  He asked if he could recommend Bodhi Meditation to another patient with depression and then threw open his arms saying, “I too want some of your energy!” 

It is now 2020, I have not had a relapse nor have I had to take antidepressants* since that visit with my doctor.  While life still gets hectic, I am now more resilient and better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs.

I wish my dear friend had the same opportunity I had to learn Bodhi Meditation.  It is for this reason that I volunteer at Bodhi Meditation.  May others like my dear friend who suffer depression find new hope in life!

* Bodhi Meditation does not encourage stopping or reducing medications on your own. Please follow your doctor’s advice.

Note: Effects of meditation may vary by individual.