"In this world, we cannot change others, but we can change ourselves"

     - Grandmaster JinBodhi

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In light of COVID-19, the Canadian government has advised everyone to practice social distancing.  To protect everyone's health, Bodhi Meditation Toronto will be closed temporarily. 
We are now offering virtual, online sessions and will continue to add more. Read on and check back often. Any questions, please contact us: 647-812-0187 or email us at infotor@bodhimeditationca.org. 

FREE Online Special Energy Healing Event

Do you have chronic pain, sleep issues, diabetes, and so on? Do you need a quick boost to your immune system? Come experience first hand our Energy Healing to clear blocked energy channels! 1:1 (one-on-one) special Energy Healing may also be requested subject to limited availability of spots. 

Feedback from Recent Online Energy Healing events:

"It was an amazing experience! My headache discomfort is gone!" -Carol

"Oh my! I really feel great! My <knee> pain, I don't feel it now. Thanks a lot!" - Sheryl

"I absolutely loved how I felt after the Online Energy Healing Event [July 2020]! I live with chronic pain due to Lupus, Fibromyalgia & Migraines. Although I practice Meditation & Yoga regularly, this energy healing helped to ease my pain more than any other method I've tried thus far...The pain relief & relaxation I experienced was on par with a great Acupuncture session!" - Alison Meinhardt

"For the last 6 months, I have been having difficulty falling asleep at night. After the Online Energy Healing Event [July 2020], I slept very well that evening and for the next few nights! Thank you for sending universal energy to help me." - Bawany S. 

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 2-5 pm EDT

Virtual Meditation Thursdays!

As our way to introduce peace and calm amidst the COVID-19 storm raging all around us, we announce Virtual Meditation Thursdays! - lovingly offered FREE to the community. 


Let us come together in meditation. Let us create a joint space (virtually) where we may find calm and focus, replenish energy, strengthen immunity, while sending out waves of positive, loving energy to uplift and comfort all who suffer and all who care for them. Let our collective energies invoke blessings to end this pandemic quickly and spread light to the world! 

Thursdays, 7-9 pm, EDT


Free Meditation Intro Workshop

Into mindfulness, health and wellness? It is not always possible to join a one-week meditation retreat. We invite you to join and experience our FREE Meditation Intro Workshop to sample what Bodhi Meditation is all about. Complimentary vegetarian lunch included in the North York location.

Upcoming Dates:


8.5-day Health and Happiness Retreat

This core Retreat focuses on dynamic and static meditation practices and teachings based on ancient philosophies. Students experience remarkable improvements in both mental and physical wellness during the 8.5 days.

Upcoming Dates:


7-day Energy Bagua Retreat (Walking Meditation)

Walk with us and experience Grandmaster JinBodhi's ancient Daoist longevity method. Energy Bagua walking meditation practice rapidly replenishes vital energy and can help to alleviate many health symptoms. Effective yet easy to learn.

Upcoming Dates:


Why Bodhi Meditation?


Each practice has been designed to be easily learned by people of all ages. Beautiful music accompanies guided instructions for visualization, making it easy for beginners to relax, to focus and quiet the mind.


Whether one is seeking, physical, emotional or mental healing, regular Bodhi Meditation practice can swiftly strengthen and harmonize the body's energy system, thus providing fast improvement to one's current condition. 



  We believe in compassion, kindness, acceptance and non-judgment. Most importantly, everything is better when shared — including meditation. Meditating together with a group is so much more powerful than doing it alone!

Our Meditation Healing Journeys

Chronic Pain

Diabetes & Hypertension

Stress & Anxiety

Sleep Issues

Digestive Issues


Ready to start your healing journey?

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