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Why Energy Bagua?

Energy Boost

Energy Bagua can improve your health. While walking and rotating, you absorb energy from Nature, Earth and Heaven. If you practice Energy Bagua with perseverance, your health improves, vital energy increases, and innate abilities are restored. In the process, a healthy and happy life is within your grasp.

Yin Yang Harmony

Energy Bagua's philosophy is applicable to all things in the Universe. All things contain the energy of Yin and Yang, birth and death, good and bad. Yin and Yang energy nourishes all things, fuelling growth, transformation and the cycle of life. Energy Bagua automatically balances and adjusts the energy inside and outside of the body. With each step you take in Energy Bagua, you come to understand the laws of Yin and Yang transformation, you flow with Nature and gain fundamental health.

Purity and Perseverance

Energy Bagua trains your powers of perseverance and concentration. The practice calms your body and mind, eliminates impurities in your mind and in life, and generates health. With each circle that you walk, your body and mind become one with Heaven and Earth. There is no fatigue, no stiffness, no worries and no gains or losses.

Energy Bagua Healing Journeys

In order for more people to gain health, Grand Master JinBodhi integrated the essence of his many years of intensive cultivation into Energy Bagua which he passes on to those in need. So far, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from practicing Energy Bagua.

Let's hear it from others...

Recovery from Back Pain and Bell's Palsy

Nizam suffered from back pain for over 10 years and could not lift anything over 10 lbs. Doctors advised surgery. In 2017, he walked into Bodhi Meditation. After a year of practice, his back straightened out without surgery and he can now easily lift over 50 lbs. In the fall of 2018, he was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. His neurologist prescribed medication and advised that recovery would take at least 60 days. Through Energy Healing and Energy Bagua, he recovered within 15 days - and without prescription medication.

Nizam Khan/ Toronto

Goodbye to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Doctors told me that surgery was the only option and recovery would take a year. In February of 2017, I had surgery on my right wrist. After surgery, the pain was so intense that it left me with little strength. I could not even cook rice. In March, I signed up for Energy Bagua Retreat without much expectation. On Day 4, I was pleasantly surprised: my left hand which had been constantly painful and numb for the past 2-3 years became pain-free! After the Retreat, my right hand became pain-free too! When I visited my doctor for post-surgery checkup, he was amazed to see how quickly I had recovered. I persisted in my daily practice. After 3 months, I was thrilled to realize that not only can I pick up a 10 lb bag of rice, I also no longer needed surgery for my left wrist!

Wen Yao/ Toronto

Conquering Scleroderma - an Autoimmune, Rheumatic and Chronic Disease

Diagnosed with Scleroderma, Jenny Truong's hands were weak, pale and icy cold. She could not bend her fingers - making it impossible for her to hold anything with her hands. Her arms were so stiff that she could not dress herself. She relied on her sister daily just to get dressed. Suffering from severe joint pain, she was unable to bend her knees. She had to take painkillers for over a year. All these contributed to her developing insomnia. It was after 3 months of insomnia that she came to Bodhi Meditation. In March 2019 she attended an Energy Bagua Retreat. From Day 1, she was able to sleep soundly without having to take painkillers and she didn't feel any pain! On Day 3, her hands became reddish and they started to sweat. On Day 6, her feet became unbearably itchy, turned swollen, perspiring profusely. By the next day, her feet returned to normal. Upon completion of the Retreat, she could dress herself, she could open and close both her hands easily; she could even pick things up from the floor. Six days after the Retreat, her sister paid a visit to the Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre to share Jenny's incredible healing story. By that time, Jenny looked like a fresh rose; she walked in light steps like a new person. Her condition continues to improve daily.

Jenny Truong/ Toronto

Chronic Back Pain Alleviated

Ever since I attended Bodhi Meditation, I have benefited a great deal. In 1972 I hurt my lower back and suffered chronic pain ever since. Before attending Bodhi Meditation in 2016, I could only bend halfway, now I can bend all the way to the ground. Since practicing Energy Bagua, I became much stronger. I can easily clean the snow on two driveways, everyone is amazed. This is my third Energy Bagua class. I feel more energy. My posture is better. I can hold up my arm and practice Energy Bagua for eight circles without feeling tired. Thanks to Bodhi Meditation Centre for everything you have done for us!

Christos Iliadis/ Toronto


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