Bodhi Meditation and its Benefits

Bodhi Meditation is a non-profit organization founded by Meditation Master JinBodhi in 1991 whose mission is to impart practical, effective meditation techniques as a way of strengthening the energy of the physical body, and to inspire the spiritual mind so as to bring greater health and joy to the world at large. It is a non-denominational organization whose guidance and teachings are based on the ancient Eastern philosophy of “compassion”, an understanding of humanity’s interconnectivity and its inseparability from the natural world. Since 1991, Bodhi Meditation has established centers in over 30 countries including Canada, United States, UK, Sweden, Romania, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Mind-body awareness is an essential component of the Bodhi Meditation approach. According to ancient Chinese tradition, the mind has the ability to broaden and to heal, correcting physical and mental illness. Though Bodhi Meditation originated in Buddhist theory, it is independent of any religious system or practice. Meditation practitioners range from Christian to Buddhist, housewife to professor, differing in age, gender, culture, language, creed, profession and background — Bodhi Meditation offers the possibility of health and joy to all.

About Master JinBodhi

Born a very sick child in a small town in the Hebei province of China, Master JinBodhi, affectionately known as "Master" by all his students, lived his early years in poor living conditions. He suffered from all manner of illness caused by malnutrition and spent every day in pain and misery.


Not only did he suffer from his own illnesses, he also witnessed the tragic deaths of his older brother, who died of starvation, followed by his younger brother, who quietly passed away. He was haunted by his mother’s heartbroken crying, his father’s helplessness, the coldness of relatives, and mistreatment at school. All of these miseries were his first taste of what he later came to understand as the suffering of human beings.

When he was six years old, his family moved to Qinghai, a plateau region marked by oxygen deficiency. As a result, his already poor health further deteriorated. His parents sought any possible treatments to save his life, but there was little improvement. Finally, they found a former lama (at that particular time no religious practice was allowed and monks were forced to return to secular life) and asked him to help.


As the wise maxim goes, misfortune may be a blessing in disguise — indeed it was for Master. The lama not only treated Master’s illness, but also taught him meditation practice. At the time, Master did not appreciate the unique healing methods. Only years later, after gaining a deeper understanding, he realized that the methods used to heal his illness were far beyond the ordinary approach. For example, rather than using a painkiller to alleviate a headache, he utilized energy to achieve a systematic whole body adjustment and fundamental healing. That was the beginning of Master’s lifelong journey of meditation practice. After a few years of study and practice, his master introduced him to his fellow apprentice, and after further study this apprentice sent him to another master. One by one, he studied and practiced with various great masters and traveled from one monastery to another throughout the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. His practice progressed, and a whole new world opened before him.


The deeper his understanding of the dharma teachings grew, the more his life expanded with brightness. He not only completely recovered his health, but also gained special healing power. When he saw other people afflicted with disease, he felt pain in his heart as if their illness was happening in his own body. Helping others became essential to his existence. As his meditation practice progressed, he felt a responsibility to help others free themselves from suffering and regain happiness.


In 1991, he emerged from this period of intensive training to great acclaim as a meditation master. From then on, he has taught and inspired vast multitudes of people throughout Asia. In 1999, he immigrated to Canada and in 2005, he started to teach in Vancouver. Today, Master JinBodhi’s teachings have spread to more than 30 countries and regions across the world, including Canada, United States, UK, Sweden, Romania, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Bodhi Meditation Benefits

Rejuvenation and health are closer than you think.


Bodhi Meditation offers a unique meditation methodology that stimulates physical renewal and promotes general health. In addition to being a natural stress relief system, it further revitalizes the mind and frees the spirit, facilitating improvements in both mental clarity and physical well-being.

Bodhi Meditation applies traditional practices to the challenges of modern living. The result is a uniquely effective meditation system that holistically enhances immunity, stamina and state of mind. The techniques are accessible and practical, yielding results quickly. As such, they are particularly well-suited to the pressures of urban life—and the health issues that result from them.

The following improvements have been reported by students after taking one or more of our retreats.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Lose weight

  • Relieve aches and pains

  • Sleep better

  • More energy

  • Better relationships

  • Enhance immune system

  • Alleviates symptoms of chronic ailments

  • Enhance spiritual growth

Ready to begin your healing journey?



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